The MoClean® ATS system – Oil tank cleaning system for oil products

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The MoClean® ATS Tank Cleaning System is a mobile, self-powered, integrated
process that cleans small and medium sized tanks containing white oil,
petrochemical products and smaller crude oil tanks.

A key element of the MoClean® ATS system is the combination of Oreco´s
patented Single Nozzle Sweepers (SNS)® and time-proven MoClean®/BLABO®
technology. These machines produce low pressure, high impact jets of
re-circulated tank fluid which efficiently clean all internal surfaces of
the tank in a precise computer-controlled pattern, with lower water usage
and in shorter time than traditional high pressure cleaning methods. The
MoClean® ATS system is self-sufficient for both air and power for the
cleaning process, thus eliminating the need for the tank owner to supply
these utilities.

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