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Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA)  is a method of producing high-purity nitrogen or oxygen. It is very cost-effective and all of Oreco’s generators are based on PSA technology.

An Oreco generator consists of two cylinders that store either Carbon Molecular Sieves (CMS) or Zeolite pellets. CMS is for producing nitrogen and Zeolite is for generating oxygen.

An external buffer tank stores the pure nitrogen or oxygen gas.

The PSA process starts as clean and dry compressed air enters the first cylinder (left).

The unwanted gas is adsorbed by the pellets at high pressure, but the molecules that you need pass through. The resulting high-purity gas is stored in the buffer tank.

When this step of the cycle is active, the second cylinder (right) is cleaned.

Then the pressure between the two cylinders is equalised.

When the pressure drops in the left cylinder and the pellets are saturated, the waste products are blown out through the exhaust system.

Pressure builds up in the right cylinder until the pressure between the two cylinders is once again equalised.

The process is repeated and a constant production of gas is established

On-site generators offer you a wide range of benefits:

  • You produce the exact amount of gas that you need
  • You produce the gas exactly when you need it
  • You produce the gas in the location where you need it
  • No transportation or delivery and rental charges
  • No refilling of cylinders
  • No safety risks when handling high pressure cylinders
  • No loss of production time because of gas shortage
  • No large quantities of cryogenic liquefied gas on-site
  • Get what you need on demand. 24/7.

Choosing an on-site generator from Oreco gives you additional benefits:

On-site solutions
Our solutions are located at your site. You will be self-supplied and can produce your nitrogen or oxygen when and where you need it. You will no longer need to bother with transportation inconveniences, cylinder handling or delivery and rental charges.

Easy operation
Installing and running an Oreco generator is very easy. Our generators are plug-and-play – and fully automated. All you do is switch them on. As simple as that.

High quality
We only use quality components to build our solutions. This makes our generators reliable and durable. They can operate 24 hours a day for years with limited, if any, maintenance. 

Furthermore, Oreco makes use only of component suppliers that are represented world-wide. So you can always get spare parts if you should need them.

Cost savings
Oreco generators require only from 0.40 kilowatt per Nm3 nitrogen or 1.1 kilowatt per Nm3 oxygen produced. They also boast low installation and running costs. All this means your investment will be paid back in just a few years. The rest is pure profit.

Flexibility/ customisation
We make sure your solution fits the needs of your industry so that you do not ‘overbuy’. In fact, custom-designed systems constitute one of the greatest advantages of an Oreco solution.

First of all, it is important to note that the membrane technology is suitable only for nitrogen generation, whereas the PSA technology is equally useful for both oxygen and nitrogen generators.

In principle, generators based on the PSA and membrane technologies share the same objective – to generate high-purity nitrogen gas. But when you decide which technology to choose, you need to consider a number of issues.
Advantages of PSA technology
Industries and organisations that decide on nitrogen generators based on PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology rather than membrane technology make that choice because PSA solutions offer a much higher cost-effectiveness than membrane versions. All of Oreco’s generators are based on the PSA technology. This is a very conscious choice: PSA generators have a number of operating and cost-related advantages compared to membrane solutions:

Greater reliability
PSA generators are less sensitive than membrane generators. They are more robust and therefore better suitable for potentially harsh environments.

Higher purity
Membrane generators seldom offer purity higher than 99%. An optimum flow rate for membrane solutions is rarely higher than 94%. This is not the case with PSA solutions. The gas purity from PSA generators is often 99.5% as standard – and can easily reach 99.99%.

Higher capacity
Even at high volumes, PSA generators consistently produce the same high amount of gas. By contrast, the capacity of membrane solutions tends to weaken over time.

Lower maintenance costs
On average, maintenance costs for membrane solutions are 50% higher than for PSA solutions. This is thanks to the long lifespan of the pellets (CMS or Zeolite) that form the hub of the PSA gas filtering process. The pellets can easily perform optimum separation for at least 10 years without being replaced. By contrast, membranes are more fragile and start deteriorating from the moment the on-button is pressed. And membranes are expensive to replace.

A full installation requires a compressor, a refrigeration dryer, filters, an air tank, a generator and a gas buffer tank. Oreco supplies full installations, but each component and other optional equipment such as boosters, high-pressure compressors or filling stations can also be bought separately.

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