Occupational health & safety policy

At Oreco A/S we believe that a healthy and safe working environment is an important foundation for creating good results both for our company as a whole, for our employees and last but not least for our customers.

Therefore, Oreco is committed to maintaining and improving occupational health, safety and personal wellness in the workplace, and eliminating incidences and severity of workplace injuries, accidents and illnesses.

To achieve this we: 

  • Play a leading role in promoting best safety practices in our industry.
  • Maintain and operate an occupational health and safety management system to ensure continuous risk minimisation, risk assessment, contingency & remediation and reporting.
  • Promote programmes that contribute to employees’ wellness.
  • Maintain an open and active dialogue with employees, authorities, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Above listed policies are an extract of the full text of the policies which is available on demand.


Contact us

Oreco A/S . Oldvej 1A . DK-3540 Lynge . Denmark . TEL. +45 4332 0200 . info@oreco.com

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