Oreco strives to build a strong network of distributors worldwide. The business environment in the production of industrial gases is highly competitive on both a local and global scale. So, staying ahead of the competition is a key factor for your success. Oreco’s Distributor Programme has been designed to give both our new and established distributors the best possible business advantage.

Regardless where our end-clients are located, our distributors network ensures that Oreco technology in Nitrogen and Oxygen Gas Generators matches and surpasses customer requirements and expectations. Local clients shall be served in their country by reliable and professional distributors with deep knowledge both on our products and their applications. In this way, Oreco ensures that our technology performs to the same high standards everywhere in the world.

Oreco A/S supplies Nitrogen and Oxygen Gas Generators based on the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology. This increases flexibility and cost-effectiveness. The generators allow you to produce the gas exactly where and when you need it, and in the quality and quantity you need. Oreco produces as well custom-made gas generator systems

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Oreco A/S . Oldvej 1A . DK-3540 Lynge . Denmark . TEL. +45 4332 0200 . gas@oreco.com

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