What HSE features have Oreco taken into account in its tank cleaning and oil recovery systems?

Every aspect of Oreco’s non-man entry tank cleaning systems have been designed with Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) in mind.

The BLABO® and MoClean® systems' fully automated process contains a range of safety features and procedures. Thanks to these, hazardous risks commonly associated with manual cleaning are significantly reduced.

The following factors ensure that the cleaning operation is performed under the safest possible conditions and without harming our environment:

Non-man entry system: Eliminates the need for personnel to enter the tank during cleaning. This means that personnel are not exposed to hazardous substances.

Monitoring: Built-in warning systems for hydrocarbon vapours minimises exposure to hazardous substances.

Procedures: The operating procedures guarantee that the tank cleaning is performed according to refinery safety codes and that uniform procedures are used all over the world.

Inert atmosphere: Continuous oxygen monitoring is an integral part of the systems. The cleaning operation is automatically shut down if oxygen content is too high.

Mechanical safety: The systems are build according to EN 13480, including 3.1.b certificates on all piping. Only certified welders are used.

Electrical safety: The BLABO® system is constructed to operate in explosive areas and meets the highest international standards, including ATEX or CSA/UL.

Monitoring: Constant monitoring and progress reporting keeps the process safe.

Training: Thorough process training for operators and systematic safety procedures are standard.

Sludge separation: Separation of the cleaned-out sludge is part of the Oreco systems. The advanced separation module of the BLABO® system allows for near 100% recovery of hydrocarbons from sludge.

Media recirculation: The recirculation of the cleaning media reduces energy and water consumption, as well as the need for cleaning chemicals.

Emissions: The closed loop process eliminates the risk of oil spillage and ensures that hydrocarbon emissions to the atmosphere are limited.

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