Why choose automated oil tank cleaning instead of manual?

Automated oil tank cleaning offers numerous benefits and advantages compared to conventional manual cleaning.

More effective
Simultaneous desludging, tank cleaning, hydrocarbon separation and hydrocarbon recovery

Saves time
Reduce tank cleaning time by up to 80%
Shorter overall down-time of tanks

Protects the environment
Recover nearly all hydrocarbons
Minimise need for waste disposal
Minimise hydrocarbon emissions to atmosphere
Lower utility consumption (water, electricity, etc)

Better cleaning
Unique indexed washing pattern covers complete interior tank surface area
Tank desludging re-circulates cleaning media

Safer work environment
No staff inside tank during cleaning process (Non-man entry system)
Continuous monitoring of process and automatic shutdown features
No risk of explosion
Minimal injury risk to staff

Easier maintenance
Easier maintenance of tanks following the cleaning process

Follows legislation
Complies with present and future environmental, health and safety legislation

Highly flexible
Modular system tailored to customer needs
Expandable, as customer's needs change

Lower costs
Reduce overall cost of cleaning process - see the cost/benefit analysis

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