August 2021

For Aqua Nor 2021 in Trondheim, Norway, we invite you to experience the new generation of Oreco oxygen generators for aquaculture and fish farming. Our industry-specific solutions offer increased profitability through innovative thinking:

  • Oreco PSA technology
  • Permanent or containerized
  • 3-step energy saving features
  • Remote operation monitoring
  • Offshore quality components
  • Optimal reliability 24/7/365

We share your ambitions and have aimed to stimulate the growth rate of the fish and increase the rearing density through tailor-made oxygen generator solutions that can be scaled according to your needs.

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March 2021

Oreco is proud to inform our clients that we have expanded our product range of NitroGen gas generators. This new series will satisfy market requirements on the small capacity range.

The new systems are constructed as “plug & play” modules conveniently fully enclosed in Stainless Steel cabinets, some models can be supplied with an integrated air compressor. Further, the units count with “user friendly” touch screen controls and display for easy operation. The integrated components are of the highest European quality and the manufacturing follows our well known Danish quality.
The capacity range goes from 3 to 160 lpm and with conveniently arranged capacity steps allowing to cover the whole spectrum.
We will be happy to provide more specific details to our existing and new customers. Contact us at


February 2021

Phoenix Co. works with maximum professional in Oxygen and Nitrogen field of importing and Distributing Gas generators, and aspires to dominate the Middle East & Africa market, in most of sectors. Phoenix Co. intends to accomplish this through its own marketing plans and opening direct offices, as well as appointing distributors with experience in the above fields. Any distributors will be chosen after market surveys and strict investigations, to guarantee success. A thorough approach will ensure excellent customer relations and after-sales service, with the cooperation of Oreco.

Phoenix Advanced Systems aspires to introduce the Oreco Oxygen and Nitrogen generator in the Middle East and Africa is working very hard to market it in a scientific way. We use world standard equipment to guarantee accurate calculation of station size, to ensure positive impact on our product reputation.

The Phoenix Company LTD. is our Agent in Middle East and Africa.
Mr. Nour Eddin Dashan, CEO has work in this field from 2003 and he has a big reference in this region and in last ten years he working with Oreco, and he succeeded to get a big reference in all region.

November 2020

Oreco AS has successfully obtained on Nov. 5th 2020, the ISO Certification 13485:2016 covering the Sales, Manufacturing, Installation and Service of Oxygen Gas Generators for medical applications. This certification ensures Oreco Customers to receive complete systems and components produced under a very strict quality demands and procedures complying with the prevailing ISO requirements.

September 2020

The Company PT. Duta Surya Sukses is our new Sales Agent for Indonesia.
PT. Duta Surya Sukses produces Cryogenic liquid Oxygen, Argon and Nitrogen for industries and food processing. Typically, these are supplied via large truck tankers sometimes involving complicated and costly logistics due to the many islands to be reached by sea. The compact Frames or containerized Gas Generators produced by Oreco A/S, offer a perfect complementary match to produce Oxygen and Nitrogen Gases on demand,  at  the exact amounts, and at the quality required. Further, the compactness of these systems makes them ideal to be quickly transported at lower costs compared to Cryogenic products thus enabling PT. Duta Surya Sukses to improve its services offering to its valued customers.    


Phoenix Egypt LTD. 57 Al-Khalifa AL-Mammon St, Roxy Square Heliopolis.

Phoenix Egypt Co. is to negotiate and facilitate sale of Oreco’s nitrogen and oxygen generators In Egypt and Jordan from its sales offices in the two North African and Middle Eastern countries.

Bjarne Fog, Managing Director of Oreco Gas Generator states: “Oreco has enjoyed great success in selling oxygen and nitrogen generators since breaking into this market not long ago, which has created a need for us to find agents who can handle orders in specific countries and regions worldwide and promote good business relations.  We’re still very much on the lookout for new partners as we’re confident that the increase in market acceptance of the technology will continue.”

Oreco expects the markets for nitrogen and oxygen generators to go on developing because PSA solutions save time and reduce operational costs and because they constitute very good solutions to the challenges posed by logistics and variable flow. Manufacturing takes place at the company’s headquarters in Denmark, but Oreco has forecasted that 95% of gas generator sales will go to foreign countries where they have a very wide field of application and can be used across industries.


Success in sales of oxygen and nitrogen generators has created a need for Oreco to find agents to handle orders worldwide. The agents will be responsible for negotiating and facilitating sales between Oreco and customers in specific countries and regions on behalf of Oreco and for promoting good business relations with these customers.

Oreco’s new gas generation business unit is headed by Bjarne Fog, who is thrilled by the prospect of the increasing sales of generators. He says: “Based on the constant increase in market acceptance of the technologi, I’ve great expectations of the further development of the PSA market. PSA solutions are now widely recognized as the solutions to most logistical and variable flow challenges. These challenges were previously at the core of nitrogen and oxygen usage”


The ’plug and play’ solution is highly mobile, has great flexibility and provides nitrogen on the spot and on demand. The capacity of this specific nitrogen gas generator is up to 550 Nm3/h with full turn-down capacity and gas purity ranging from 95% up to 99.5%, depending on demand.

Oreco designs and supplies mobile as well as stationary “project-specific and customized” installations. This is but the latest design solution in a series of recent sales of nitrogen and oxygen systems leaving the Oreco factory.

CEO Kaare Wetlsen states: “Our recent success in sales of nitrogen generators in the American market is a major step forward for our business and we’re looking forward to a long-lasting relationship with our new American customers.”

Read more about our standard options or customised systems.



Oreco A/S is moving into production of nitrogen and oxygen generators. The new business unit will be managed by Bjarne Fog, who is a specialist in generation of industrial nitrogen and oxygen gases. His knowledge includes both technology and market aspects.

Oreco is now entering the market for production of nitrogen and oxygen generators. The company has acquired both human resources and site facilities for manufacturing to take place at their headquarters in Denmark.

Oreco is currently the world leader in design, fabrication and commercialisation of fully automated systems for cleaning of large crude oil tanks in the oil industry. Oreco’s CEO Kaare Wetlsen explains:
“Our company has commercialised nitrogen generation systems produced by third parties for many years, so we thought we might as well break into this market and manufacture them ourselves, and if you’re making systems for nitrogen, you might as well include systems for oxygen.”

Kaare Wetlsen adds:
“And’ I’m so pleased that Bjarne Fog is going to help us. He has both produced and sold nitrogen and oxygen generators before, which is why he’s a very strong force in this field. His vast network is also impressive, so I’m completely sure he’s the safest pair of hands we can possibly find.”

Bjarne Fog says:
“I’m really looking forward to working for Oreco; in fact I’ve actually known them and worked with them since 1995. I’m thrilled to develop this new field of business and manage both the project group and field service. In this way we can make sure our clients and users will benefit from our products very soon.”

Bjarne adds:
“We’ve developed new generators that can reach 10-15% more nitrogen per kWh than previous versions, so we’re pretty sure we’ll be in the top league when it comes to efficiency. And we use nothing but quality components in all our systems, which makes them very reliable.”

Oreco is going to base its growth in sales of nitrogen and oxygen generators on custom-made solutions, and the project department will be fully capable of handling tailor-made solutions that will match individual customer needs. In addition, Oreco is going to supply a standard range of products that can be used all over the world. Besides the oil industry, nitrogen generators are used in the food and beverages, oil and gas, semiconductor and electronics industries, and oxygen generators are used especially in hospitals, fish ozone production industries and fish farming. The company has great expectations about this because the technology involved is much better recognised today than it has been previously. Oreco expects 95% of the gas generator sales to go to foreign countries.

Oreco A/S develops, manufactures and globally markets fully automated process systems for the oil and gas industry and is the industry-leading developer of solutions for automated, no-man entry cleaning of aboveground oil storage tanks and systems for recovery of waste oil within the oil and petrochemical industries.


Oreco has sold its first new nitrogen production system to Saudi-Arabia, which constitutes one of the world’s largest oil markets.

Oreco”s CEO Kaare Wetlsen is pleased with the fact that the system is on its way to the Middle East:
“We’re interested in selling to the entire world market, so it’s a milestone for us to gain a foothold in Saudi-Arabia. This will provide us with further very valuable references for the future.”

Oreco A/S . Oldvej 1A . DK-3540 Lynge . Denmark . TEL. +45 4332 0200 .

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