Who are our Customers ?

Oreco’s Customers are international or local service providers which either specialize in oil tank cleaning operations, oil recovery, or provide a broad spectrum of tank integrity activities where tank cleaning and oil recovery are a part of the overall scope.
Typically, our Customers strive to meet stringent tank owner demands on tank cleaning works regarding cleaning efficiently, shortest possible time, meeting safety requirements, and matching a specific budget. In general, the overall business environment is complex and with no room for mistakes.

What is our Partners Network ?

Our partners network is formed by Oreco Customers owning Oreco Automated Tank Cleaning and Oil Recovery Systems. These are characterized by the following:

  • They own Oreco’s Automated Tank Cleaning and Oil Recovery Systems
  • They have undergone Oreco’s training and certification
  • They have proven performance by rendering services to tank owners, which in many cases are international top players in the Oil & Gas industry.

How we support our Partners ?

Oreco strives for excellence in all businesses we conduct. Therefore, we are certain that timely and efficient support to our Customers is the key to their business success. Intrinsically, this is translated into success for Oreco’s business as well.
The performance of the operational staff is as important as the hardware used. Owning and operating an Oreco Tank Cleaning and Oil Recovery System alone is not a synonym of success. Therefore, we have implemented a comprehensible Customer Support policy, allowing our Customers to benefit from the expertise of Oreco’s staff which is ready to provide support by transferring knowledge and experience within the entire spectrum of tank cleaning and oil recovery operations.
Besides the fact that our Customers are by policy trained, examined, and certified, Oreco provides amongst others the following support:

Technical support

  • Ad-hoc training, certification, and brush-up courses
  • In-office trouble-shooting
  • On-site trouble-shootting
  • On site technical audits
  • Tank Cleaner’s Handbook 
  • On demand technical advice for complex projects
  • Best practice knowledge sharing

Sales and marketing support

  • Support in technical-commercial presentations to tank owners
  • Sourcing of leads generated from Oreco’s webpage
  • Commercial support and evaluation of complex projects
  • Ad-hoc marketing support
  • International coordination of systems availability for international projects

Experience has shown that our efforts to support our Customers secure that Oreco technology, as well as its owners and operators are capable of well performing in different environments and conditions across the world. This secures that tank owners receive the same high standard of services provided by our Oreco Customers.

In case you are looking for a service provider, please contact us.

Oreco A/S . Oldvej 1A . DK-3540 Lynge . Denmark . TEL. +45 4332 0200 . info@oreco.com

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