For more than 60 years, the Danish tank cleaning technology and system supplier Oreco A/S has been focused on solutions for tank cleaning with maximum efficiency and minimal risk.

Since 1957, innovation has been the primary driving force for refining and expanding the scope of no-man entry cleaning systems for tanks, reactors and vessels of all shapes and sizes.

Oreco solutions are used around the world and more than 150 tanks are cleaned annually using BLABO® and MoClean® systems. The advantages not only count greater safety for staff and operations, but also very high recovery rates of the hydrocarbons entrapped in the sludge that is cleaned out.

For a more detailed description of selected oil tank cleaning jobs for customers world-wide – please get in touch.


The Oreco solutions have helped tanks owners and tank cleaning contractors all over the world in meeting their goals and conquering special tank cleaning and oil recovery challenges. 

BLABO® and Giovanni Aprile succesfully cleaned a difficult tank

Giovanni Aprile S.p.A was chosen by Milazzo Refinery to clean a Trash Tank with low content of hydrocarbons and an unusually high content of solids and ballast water. 

The choice of Giovanni Aprile for the project proved to be wise. The job was completed faster than the alternative.

STS uses the Oreco Safetap® for quick and safe coldtapping

The SafeTap® tool from Oreco ensures quick, easy, and safe tapping of holes in oil tanks.

Here, experienced tank cleaning professionals share their thoughts on the SafeTap® and its main points: ATEX certification for Zone 0, easy and safe operation, rapid preparation etc.

BLABO® helped Fawley save time and money

At ESSO’s Fawley Refinery in the UK, the cat slurry tanks were in need of cleaning. Two main objectives were outlined for the project: Minimum downtime and minimum waste generation. The BLABO® automated system proved its strength on both accounts with only 15 days of downtime and a recovery rate of 97.8%

Safety in tank cleaning was a key issue for Hungarian refinery

An oil refinery with a keen interest in safety and modern approaches – and a service provider with the technology and partnerships to match, those are the ingredients to a successful cooperation that has now lasted for more than 8 years.

NitroGen® helped Mexican customer ensure a safe oil tank cleaning operation

Oreco NitroGen™ helps Compania Minera San Alejandro S.A. de C.V. (CMSA) in Mexico produce nitrogen on-site in combination with its tank cleaning operations. Thereby increasing safety during tank cleaning operations, but also helping CMSA save time and reduce cost, by freeing them of the reliance of third party nitrogen suppliers.

BLABO® saved the Libyan desert of being contaminated by 22,000 m³ of crude oil

One tank cleaning job at the VEBA terminal at Ras Lanuf in Libya saved the desert from being contaminated by 22,148 m³ of crude oil. Instead, the terminal received almost 4 mill. USD worth of recovered oil.

BLABO® helped Libyan service provider to achieve vital goals about workers’ safety

The Libyan service provider, VAOS Ltd., had serious concerns about its workers’ safety and disposal of hydrocarbons when cleaning oil storage tanks. VAOS became the first oil cleaning and recovery service company in Libya to stop the practice of dumping excess oil into the environment.

Libyan customer received USD 700,000 worth of recovered oil using BLABO®

Zueitina Terminal received as much as USD 700,000 worth of recovered oil – oil that under manual cleaning procedures would have been dumped in desert ponds. The project was completed without VAOS workers having to enter the tank and in the end 94% of hydrocarbons were recovered.

Environmental friendly tank cleaning method was imperative for German refinery

Choosing an environmental friendly tank cleaning method is imperative for BP-Gelsenkirchen GmbH (Ruhr Oel) due to a very strict legislation in the Ruhr district. It was therefore vital that the service provider chosen could live up to the demands of safe and environmentally friendly tank cleaning operations.

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