Separation module (optional)

How it works
The Separation module optimises the recovery of hydrocarbons to close to 100% by means of Liquid/Solid (decanter) and Liquid/Liquid separation (high speed separator). Alternatively a Solid/Liquid/Liquid separation module can be used (three-phased decanter).

Solid/Liquid (decanter)
The Solid/Liquid separation version contains a special decanter used for the separation of solids from the liquid phase. The high quality of the recovered liquid enables the oil to be pumped directly to the customer pipeline for reprocessing. The solids from the decanter can be disposed of safely.

Liquid/Liquid (high speed separator)
The unit contains all of the equipment described in the Solid/Liquid separation section above, plus a high-speed centrifuge for an optimum separation result.

The Liquid/Liquid separation leaves the recovered oil free of contaminated particles and free of water. The recovered oil is returned to the customer for reuse. The water fraction is delivered to water treatment facilities.

Solid/Liquid/Liquid (three-phased decanter)
The 3 phase separation unit decanter is a centrifuge in which two liquids of different densities are separated from each other. At the same time solids are separated and discharged.

Pictures of the Separation module

Separation module
A view down the separation module with the high-speed separator at the back.

High-speed centrifuge
The centrifuge is used for the Liquid/Liquid separation.

Three-phased Decanter
The centrifuge is used for the Liquid/Liquid/Solid separation. 3 phase separation unit.

The function of the decanter is to remove solid particles from the liquid.

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