- a safe and effective cold tapping method

Making holes (tapping) into tank roofs has always been a major concern to tank owners and tank maintenance contractors. Possibly dangerous situations can arise when drilling or cutting holes in potentially hazardous areas using hot tapping methods.

The ATEX certified SafeTap® is a unique tool that provides a safe, fast and effective method of cold tapping holes in potentially hazardous areas. It is especially suitable for preparing installation of tank cleaning nozzles as part of the Oreco tank cleaning process, and is applicable for use in conjunction with both the BLABO® and the MoClean® systems.

How it works!
The SafeTap® tool consists of two main components: a trunk and the cutting instrument. The trunk is placed on a gasket on the tank roof and is securely fastened to the roof by self-drilling screws. Cooling liquid is added during this drilling stage to prevent heat-up of the metal adjacent to the screws. Once the trunk is in place, the cutting instrument is then placed inside the trunk, and the cutting can commence.

Cutting liquid and/or inert gas are added ensuring that no explosive atmosphere can occur. After cutting the hole, the cutting instrument is lifted up and the tank cleaning nozzle is inserted and secured. The trunk remains on the tank roof during the cleaning process.

When the tank cleaning process is completed and the storage tank is ready for hot work, there are two options: The trunk and tank cleaning nozzle can either be removed and replaced by a welded lid, or it can be replaced by a fixed 10″ nozzle according to the construction standards of the tank (e.g. BS 2654 or API 650). Then the tank will be ready for the next cleaning job.

View our SafeTap® movie and see our efficient and safe cold tapping tool in action
Oreco’s SafeTap® is a unique cold tapping tool that provides you with a safe, fast and effective method to cut circular perforations in tank roofs. All stages of the tapping process are performed under cold conditions preventing the risk of ignition that occurs when cutting in metal.

The advantages of using the SafeTap® tool compared to traditional methods are:

  • No explosive atmosphere can occur when cutting, when the procedure is followed.
  • Cutting one hole can be done in less than 15 minuttes.
  • Upon completion of tank cleaning permanent blind flanges can be installed according to API 653, thus leaving the tank roof ready for the next tank cleaning job
  • The cold tapping procedure is completely safe.
  • Hydraulic drive minimises both time and manual labour.
  • Ensures the most effective cleaning result due to optimal placement of cleaning nozzles
  • If a fixed 10″ nozzle is left on the tank roof permanently, mobilisation for the next tank cleaning job will take less time.

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