Oil skimming module (optional)

How it works

The Oil Skimming module is primarily used to separate oil and solids from the circulating water during the water wash phase. This is normally the last phase of the cleaning process.

The module contains two special integrated coalescors for the separation of the oil. The first stage is solid separation; the next stage is oil/water separation.

The module consists of four compartments. The oil is accumulated in the oil compartment and is eventually pumped to the customer pipeline for reprocessing. The oil-free water is directed back to the tank cleaning nozzles to continue the water wash. This recirculation of the washing water results in a significant reduction of total water consumption compared to alternative tank cleaning procedures, which generally use a once-through water flow. 

Pictures of the Oil Skimming module

Skimming module seen from the inlet section
The coaslescing plates stacked inside the Skimming module seen from the inlet section. In this section, gravity forces the solids to accumulate on the bottom. The remaining oil/water mixture enters the coalescing plates for oil/water separation.

Skimming module
The Skimming module seen from the front. From this platform, the separation process can be monitored and controlled. An inspection hatch allows the operator to monitor the skimming process.

Coalescing plates
A close-up of a stack of coalescing plates. The holes in the plates will force hydrodynamic coalescence. The merging of very small oil droplets into larger ones will create extremely enhanced coalescence. Before the oil droplets are seperated they are captured by the next higher plate.

View all pictures of the BLABO® system and process in the Picture book.

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