The SafeTap® process

SafeTap® consists of two main components: a trunk and a cutting instrument. The first process in the installation of the SafeTap® is to place the trunk on a non-permeable rubber gasket on the roof of the tank.

Water based cutting oil is added to the pre-drilled holes. The trunk is secured by selfdrilling screws which cools and lubricates during the drilling and cutting process.

The knives in the SafeTap® are specially designed to ensure an even and efficient cutting process. During the cutting process operators monitors the tension of the knives on a pressure gauge.

Before lifting the cutting instrument on to the trunk,cutting liquid is added. A hydraulic motor is turning the cutting bits and the tension in the cutting proces is controlled by a handle.

When the cutting process is completed the cutting instrument is lifted up and the tank cleaning nozzle is inserted and secured. The trunk remains secured to the roof of the tank during the cleaning process.

When tank cleaning process is completed, the trunk and the tank cleaning nozzle is removed and can either be replaced by a lid or by a 10" nozzle with a standard flange. The tank will then be ready for the next cleaning job.

IMPORTANT: If an inert gas is used, always control the atmosphere in the trunk. If cutting liquid is used ensure that the level is above the cutting knives. Furthermore, all work on the tank roof must comply with the regulations for working in hazardous (zone 1) areas.

Need to see and know more?

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