The EEMUA organisation

The organisation EEMUA (Engineering, Equipment and Materials User’s Association) is concerned with the design, installation, operation and maintenance of the engineering plants used by members in pursuing their business activities. Its mission is to reduce costs for its members through the sharing of resources and expertise. One of the committees within the EEMUA focuses specifically on storage tanks where members mainly are major Oil Gas & Petrochemical companies.

The Engineering Equipment and Materials User’s Association (EEMUA) was formed in 1983 following the amalgamation of the Oil Companies Materials Association (OCMA) and the Engineering Equipment User’s Association (EEUA). The organisation consists of major purchasers and users of engineering products, including leading national and multinational companies in the petroleum, gas, chemical and energy industries.

EEMUA’s area of expertise is in the design, installation, operation and maintenance of engineering plants used by members in pursuit of their business activities. The association helps its members reduce costs through the sharing of resources and expertise. This enables members to keep abreast of technological developments and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their engineering activities.

What EEMUA does
Together with other professional institutions, EEMUA participates in the development of national and international standards and in the shaping of new legislation. The association monitors and communicates key industry issues, providing network opportunities for its members.

An important part of its work is developing and publishing technical guidelines, standards and training material and networking with national and European organisations, key interest groups and government bodies.

Since 2000, Mr. Jan de Jong has been member and chairman of the Storage Tanks Committee of the EEMUA. He has co-authored many EEMUA publications dealing with storage tanks and vessels, which are widely recognised and respected among members and non-members alike.

Useful publications include

  • Guide for the installation of Frangible Roof joints fixed roof storage tanks (No. 180)
  • Guide for the Prevention of Bottom Leakage from Vertical, Cylindrical, Steel Storage Tanks (No. 183)
  • Guide for the design, construction and use of Mounded Horizontal Cylindrical Vessels for Pressurised LPG storage (No. 190)
  • Guide to the Inspection, Maintenance and Repair of Above-ground Steel Storage Tanks (No. 159)
  • Demolition Guide of Atmospheric, Refrigerated Storage Tanks and Pressurised Spheres (No. 154) Guide for the installation of Frangible Roof joints fixed roof storage tanks (No. 180)

More information
For more information about EEMUA, please contact Mr. Jan de Jong or visit their web-site at

Publications can be purchased via EEMUA’s web-site.

Published: 2003-07-25

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