Automatic mobile tank cleaning system for oil tanks

Our well-proven and highly reliable BLABO® system is a non-man entry fully automated, mobile and modular tank cleaning system. It is normally used for cleaning crude oil tanks above say +50 meter in diameter.

Compared with manual and semi-automated methods, Oreco’s BLABO® mobile tank cleaning equipment is an efficient and cost-effective solution offering a wide range of benefits:

  • Non-man entry; operators do not enter the tank.
  • Safe; BLABO® is designed to operate safely in hazardous areas.
  • Efficient; offering desludging, tank cleaning and oil recovery in one integrated process.
  • Valuable; with close to 100 per cent recovery of saleable hydrocarbons.
  • Fast; with a reduction in tank down-time of up to 80 per cent.
  • Environmentally-friendly; the process minimises hydrocarbon emissions and substantially reduces liquids and solid waste.
  • Economical; BLABO® reduces your overall cleaning costs.

At Oreco, we develop non-man entry automated mobile tank cleaning equipment that offer a combination of oil tank cleaning with simultaneous separation of the cleaned-out sludge. These technologies have proved highly efficient and can help you reduce tank down-time by up to 80 percent compared to manual tank cleaning

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Is the BLABO® mobile tank cleaning system suitable for your tanks?

For difficult-to-clean tanks such as

Crude oil 
Heavy fuel oil (HFO)
Heavy gas oil (HGO)
Ballast water
Catalytic cracker residue
Slop oil
Rail tanker etc.

Tank capacity

Up to 200,000 m³ 
(Up to 1,240,000 bbl)

Tank diameter

30 - 100+ m
(98 - 308+ ft)

Customer cases

The Oreco automated tank cleaning solutions are used around the world, and on an annual based approx. 150 tanks are cleaned using the BLABO® and MoClean® systems.

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Oreco A/S has acquired the company Entecx Environmental Technologies ApS. With the acquisition Oreco consolidates and further advances its position as world-leader and preferred supplier of Automated Tank Cleaning and Oil Separation Technologies to the global oil and gas industry.

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