Why should I choose PSA over membrane technology?

In principle, generators based on the PSA and membrane technologies share the same objective – to generate high-purity Nitrogen gas. But when you decide which technology to choose, you need to consider a number of issues.

Advantages of PSA technology
Industries and organisations that choose nitrogen generators based on PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology, rather than membrane technology, make that choice because PSA solutions offer a much higher cost-efficiency than membrane versions. All Oreco Nitrogen® generators, the NitroGen®, are based on the PSA technology. This is a deliberate choice: PSA generators have a number of operating and cost-related advantages compared to membrane solutions:

More reliable

PSA generators are less sensitive than membrane generators. They are more robust, thus more suitable for potentially harsh environments.

Higher purity

Membrane generators seldom offer purity higher than 99%. Optimum purity for membrane solutions is rarely higher than 94%. However, this is not the case with PSA solutions. As standard, gas purity from PSA generators 99.5% and can reach 99.9%.

Higher capacity

Even at high volumes, PSA generators consistently produce the same high amount of gas. By contrast, the capacity of membrane solutions tends to weaken over time. 

Lower maintenance costs

On average, maintenance costs for membrane solutions are 50% higher than for PSA solutions. This is due to the long lifespan of the pellets (Carbon Molecular Sieves) that form the hub of the PSA gas filtering process. The pellets can easily perform optimum separation for at least 10 years without being replaced. By contrast, membranes are more fragile and start deteriorating from the moment the on-button is pressed. And membranes are expensive to replace.

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