State of the art non-man entry automated oil tank cleaning technology

  • High predictability in operations
  • Fast tank turnaround
  • High oil recovery rate
  • Reduced waste disposal costs
  • Applying best HSE practices in industry

At Oreco, we develop non-man entry automated tank cleaning technologies that offer a combination of oil tank cleaning with simultaneous separation of the cleaned-out sludge. These technologies have proved highly efficient and can help you reduce tank down-time by up to 80 percent compared to manual tank cleaning.

Over the years, we have built automatic tank cleaning systems for almost every possible scenario and in every corner of the world. From China to USA and from Australia to Canada. As a consequence, we have encountered a very large range of oils, scenarios, tanks, rules and regulations to which systems should be designed.

Our technologies have stood the test of time (e.g. our very first tank cleaning unit from 1992 is still in operation as a testimony to the build quality).

According to your needs and the size of the oil tanks to be cleaned, you can choose between two different Oreco-systems:

Our patented, well-proven and highly reliable BLABO® system is a non-man entry fully automated, mobile and modular tank cleaning system. It is normally used for cleaning crude oil tanks above say +50 meter in diameter.

MoClean® ATS
The new and innovative MoClean® ATS Tank Cleaning System is a highly mobile oil tank cleaning system for cleaning small/medium sized tanks – typically below +50 meter in diameter – containing white oils, petrochemical products and also crude oil tanks.

While The BLABO® process modules are built into 20-foot containers, enabling straightforward transportation, the MoClean® ATS is a self-sufficient combination of a vacuum truck and the Oreco SNS® nozzle technology built into a 20-foot container, offering maximum mobility.

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Oreco A/S has acquired the company Entecx Environmental Technologies ApS. With the acquisition Oreco consolidates and further advances its position as world-leader and preferred supplier of Automated Tank Cleaning and Oil Separation Technologies to the global oil and gas industry.

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