Oil Products Tank Cleaning

Same as crude oil tanks, Above Ground Storage Tanks (AST) containing refined products such as gasoline, diesel, jet-fuel, etc. require periodical cleaning prior to inspection and mechanical repairs.

A large percentage of these tanks, on a world-wide basis are cleaned with manual or semi-manual methods. Those leave much to be desired because of their low observance of HSE practices, long tank cleaning time, and disposal of large volumes of contaminated matter.

Compared to manual/semi-manual cleaning techniques, the ORECO Automated Tank Cleaning Systems based on the non-man-entry concept, provide today the absolutely highest level of HSE Best Practice in the industry.

MoClean® and MoClean-ATS® systems are designed to clean Product Tanks, without personnel entering into the tanks, quickly, safely, and with a minimum of impact to the environment. MoClean® and MoClean-ATS® systems are designed under a versatile incorporation of the traditional vacuum truck technology, with special proprietary technology developed by Oreco, to undertake cleaning operations from tanks containing very light products to small-medium size tanks containing Heavy Fuel Oil or even crude oil.

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