MoClean® ATS How it works

- Same basic functions as the MoClean® System

The MoClean® system is a mobile, fully integrated process offering internal cleaning of tanks for refined oil products such as, gasoline, diesel oil, Jet Fuel, and petrochemicals. The system is automated, meaning that there is no need for humans to enter tanks during the cleaning process. The System can be supplied mounted on a Vacuum Truck with unique features providing high mobility, autonomy and also allowing the user to benefit from other functions typical of a Vacuum Truck.

Oreco ATS adds-up a new dimension

- Enhanced process capability to clean tanks containing Crude-oil & Slop-oil

The ATS is a Module which by means of specially selected components in combination with the MoClean® system enables cleaning of small to medium size tanks containing crude-oil, HFO, or slop-oil. The process is based on Oreco’s many years of experience in cleaning large Above-Ground Storage tanks containing black oils.

The Process can be described in the following simplified steps:

  1. To avoid risk of ignition or explosion, depending on the Flash Point of the media in the tank, it might be needed to inert the tank by injecting Nitrogen gas (green line).
  2. Depending on the characteristics of the sludge present in the tank bottoms, the cleaning process is done by jetting a fluid media which can be crude oil (cutter-stock) and or hot water.
  3. The sludge bottoms from the tank are suctioned by the Water-Ring (WR) Vacuum Pump mounted on the MoClean® Truck. This suction line is first connected to the Filters installed in the ATS Module and then to the suction point of the tank (drain).
  4. After a coarse filtration, the media reaches the vacuum tank of the truck where a first separation is done. Part of the liquid which is separated from the solids is skimmed from the top of the truck-tank and is pumped it out as recovered oil to the tank owner.
  5. Part of the oil with water and impurities is recirculated by the Positive Displacement (PD) Pump mounted on the MoClean® Truck. This media is first directed to the Heat Exchanger (H-Ex) which is installed in the ATS Module. Heating of the media lowers its viscosity and makes it more fluid.
  6. The heated media is directed by the Booster Pump to the patented Single Nozzle Sweepers (SNS) mounted on the roof of the tank. The thermal energy combined with the pressure of the jetting of the media by the SNS’s enhances the fluidization effect on the crude oil sludge settled in the tank.
  7. The solids and water accumulated on the bottom of the MoClean® Truck tank, are evacuated as required from time to time. This waste is typically collected and disposed-off by a third party.
  8. The released gases in the MoClean® Truck tank, are returned to the oil storage tank maintaining the entire process as a closed loop, and free from gas emissions in the tank cleaning system.
  9. The process is repeated under continuous recirculation of the media to liquify and extract the sludge of the tank bottoms, while recovering good quality oil for the client, and evacuating the solid waste and oily water separated under the cleaning process.
  10. The last step is the final cleaning, which is done by jetting hot water inside the tank surfaces. The media is recirculated until the remaining oil is fluidized and extracted with the hot water. If there is risk to create emulsions, hot gas-oil is used instead.

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