About tank cleaning nozzles
For more than 40 years, Oreco has specialised in providing advanced tank cleaning nozzles and systems for the internal cleaning of tanks, reactors and vessels of all shapes and sizes. Oreco tank cleaning nozzles continue to prove their reliability and effectiveness in the cleaning of more than 100,000 tanks every day – all over the world. 

Rotary Jet Heads (RJH)
Rotary Jet Heads are multiple-nozzle cleaning machines which are powered by the movement of the cleaning media itself through the nozzle, and are generally used on fixed-roof tanks. 

The RJH machines are used for tank cleaning in a wide variety of applications, including pharmaceutical, food and beverage, marine and many more. Depending on the application, the machines are offered in a variety of sizes, configurations and composition.

Cleaning pattern
The illustration shows the unique washing pattern of the Oreco tank cleaning nozzles. After 8 cycles, a full pattern is complete and the entire inner tank surface has been cleaned. The simulation gives information on wetting intensity, pattern mesh width and cleaning jet velocity. Using this information, it is possible to determine the best location for the tank cleaning machine and the correct combination of flow, time and pressure to implement.

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