SLOPO® - Compact and safe Slop Oil treatment units

The SLOPO® system from Oreco offers efficient and innovative slop oil treatment to convert a wide range of slop oils into valuable products. Slop oil can cause dangerous environmental hazards and costly storage problems and poses a serious burden to oil companies, governments and communities alike. With SLOPO®, those issues are not only solved, they are transformed into profit.

That’s where SLOPO® comes in
The SLOPO® system is designed to treat slop oils with a wide range of characteristics, from slop oil with a high solid content to slop oil from the desalter rag layer. The core technology of the SLOPO® system is centrifugal separators, used to separate components with different specific gravity. This special technology enables efficient, cost-effective slop oil recovery and the creation of marketable products. The unit is manufactured in standard sized containers, and is customised for use on remote sites in harsh environments. SLOPO® is made in a standard configuration which then can be applied to any capacity necessary.

The centrifugal force
SLOPO® is built in very compact modules in order to facilitate easy transportation to the site. The SLOPO® system is essentially plug and play with an integrated control system, insulated containers and heat traced piping. SLOPO® is constructed for use in hazardous areas, fully HAZOP’ed.

The core technology encompassed in the SLOPO® system is centrifugal separators, which have been applied in the oil/gas business for decades. The centrifugal force is used to separate components with different specific gravity.

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